Saturday, February 9, 2008

I HATE the Star Tip

I HATE the Star Tip, originally uploaded by kelannfuller.

I really do! I hate it! I remember why those first cakes back in Wilton 1 were so discouraging.

I was making a car smash cake for my nephew. I was planning on covering it in fondant, something really cute. My hubby reminded me that the point of a smash cake was to S-M-A-S-H it. I had to go with buttercream. After about the 100th star, I thought about just covering in smooth buttercream. I wanted to do the stars though. Each perfect, same size, stop squeezing before you lift... At 250, squueze, left, move on!!

For those of you that can get every little space covered in a perfect star, amazing. you must have hands of iron and some serious pateince.

Hopefully Jeremiah will tear into all these loopy lopsided stars and give me some great pictures!

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